Service management and monitoring of transportation vehicles on mobile devices.


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Mar 10, 2022
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Vtracking 2.0 App

Management and supervision of means of transport

V-Tracking is a service that enables the management, tracking and monitoring of transportation vehicles based on the application of GPS satellite positioning technology combined with the Viettel mobile telecommunication network.

On each means of registration is installed a device called "cruise tracking device" with the "SIM" of Viettel. The cruise control device, in addition to recording the vehicle velocity parameters, will be connected to other devices on vehicles such as the engine, vehicle door or integrated devices such as the camera. Record the necessary parameters on the car.

The parameters recorded by the device will be transmitted to the processing center via GPRS signal from the receiving station of Viettel. This processing center will process the log information from the monitoring device and display it again on the management page for the user to monitor.

Main Features:
- Monitor position, online journey with update cycle at least 10s / times (users can change the frequency of updates according to purpose).
- Review the journey and fuel charts of the means of transport over time
- Management of vehicle status: closing, opening, operating speed, ...
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