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Apr 10, 2024

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· Wolves wallpapers for your phone or tablet, we have created this amazing collection of wolf wallpapers for those people who like these forest predators wolves. You will be able to set images of wolves as the wallpaper of your mobile device and really appreciate these wolf wallpapers

The wolf is a wild animal that can live both in the steppes and in semi-deserts or forests. Although the wolf does not like very dense forests. In appearance, it looks like a large dog with pointed ears, an elongated muzzle and a long, thick, fluffy tail. Unlike domestic dogs, the wolf's tail always points down. It is considered a distant relative of modern domestic dogs.

· The wolf wallpaper app works offline, no permanent internet connection required! just swipe your finger and enjoy these wolf wallpapers, also you can share your favorite wolf wallpapers to your family on all social networks you have installed.

Wolf Wallpaper Features:
• Fast access and good performance wolf wallpapers app
• Wolf wallpaper, you can use it as your phone's home screen or lock screen, or both depending on your choice.
• Simple and usable interface wolf wallpaper

Interesting Wolves Facts:
- The leader of the wolf pack always goes first, raising his tail high, thereby demonstrating his position.
- In a wolf pack there is not only the main wolf - the leader, but also the main female wolf.
- The wolf is able to jump to a height of up to five meters.
- The wolf is able to cover a distance of up to 80 kilometers in a night.
- Wolf ears are able to pick up sound at a distance of up to nine kilometers.
- Wolves usually pair up for life.

Thank you for choosing wolf wallpapers, download and enjoy these wolf pictures!
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