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NameWortex Word Counter APK
Version2.5 (7)
UpdatedJan 10, 2021
CategoryApps, Tools

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🔹 You can change the color scheme now!
🔹 General improvements and bugfixes

Wortex: Word Counter App

Wortex counts characters, words and analyzes your text

Wortex helps you count words and analyze your texts 📑📚📲

Just insert a text and wortex analyzes the contained words and signs and shows you the amount and frequency.
Also it shows you the amount of whitespaces and punctuation marks as well as unique words and average word lengths in your text.

🔸 Count words : counts the overall number of words and signs in your text 📝👨🏼‍🏫
🔸 Frequency: shows you how often each word or sign is contained in your text 📈
🔸 Sign-statistics : shows you how many letters, numbers, whitespaces, punctuation marks and control signs are used 🧮
🔸 Word-statistics: analyzed the average word length as well as the amount of unique words 🔍

Overall, this word counter provides you with a free, easy way to analyze your texts.

The word counter works in all languages which use whitespaces between words like english, german, spanish, french, arabic, dutch, polish, hindi, hebrew and many more

🔥 Wortex is constantly being expanded, you can write ideas and suggestions for improvement in the reviews😚❤️

APK: Wortex Wort-Zähler, Wortex Word Counter, Droidenbase

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