Instantly turn your phone into the brightest flashlight with call screen flash!


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Oct 5, 2019

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Brightest Flashlight - LED Light, Call Screen APP

Super-bright, handy and the brightest flashlight with color call screen! Don't miss important calls with shining call screen. Super convenient when you need extra light in the dark! This torch is the brightest flashlight and has the amazing 🔥 call screen themes! 🔥

★ Flashlight Features:

- Stylish screen flash for your incoming calls.
- Easy-to-use operation and clear design.
- Switch on/off the brightest flashlight like a real torch.
- Best flashlight only accesses camera flash light.
- Simple flash light & fast LED light.

★ Flashlight Highlights:

Call Screen Flash
Plenty of call screen themes and LED flashlight alert make your phone shining and cool. The brightest flashlight and amazing incoming call screen, all in this one app. Download for free now!

Handy Flashlight
Power flashlight app comes in really handy when the power goes out. The brightest LED flashlight can brighten up your darkness instantly. Super bright flashlight just like a regular torch light, simple flashlight and tiny flash light!

LED Flashlight
LED flashlight can light up the dark by turning your phone into the bright led light. Bright flashlight always available in any situation when you need some extra light.

Flashlight Widget
Flashlight widget can be added on your home screen. With the convenient flashlight widget, you can turn on/off the bright led light easily by pressing the button without entering the flashlight app interface.

Security Flashlight
Security LED flashlight accesses the camera LED flash only for bright flashlight without unnecessary permissions & personal information and data collections.

★ With Flashlight, you can do:

+ Best flashlight lights up your night when power outage.
+ Find your keys in the dark.
+ Read a book at night with powerful and bright flashlight.
+ Not missing Important calls.
+ Take your puppy out for a walk at night.
+ Save yourself when in emergency with the strobe light.
+ Flashlight free lights the way at night.
+ Change the bubble or repair car at night.
Flashlight is the best led light in the world with cool call screen flash. Don’t miss the BEST power light widget for Android! Download this flashlight free now!

Please note that Brightest Flashlight - LED Light uses following permissions
1.Read contacts - only used to show contacts in screen flash;
2.Directly call phone numbers- only used for call assistant feature to call back.
3.Read phone status - only used for call flash feature to know your phone status and show screen flash precisely.
4.Camera - only used to turn ON/OFF your device's camera flashlight.
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