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NameCompass GPS APK
Version2.6 (15)
UpdatedFeb 03, 2018
CategoryApps, Tools

Compass with GPS App

Magnetic compass, GPS and Altimeter. It doesn't need network coverage.

This is a very easy to use magnetic compass app. It includes digital compass and analogic compass. It shows information about the direction to the magnetic North Pole and the geographic coordinates. It also provides other useful information such as the strength of the magnetic field (in μT), GPS error and the accuracy of the gravity and magnetic sensors.

A compass that you can use for your outdoor activities such as trips, picnics, camping, hiking, boating or any kind of adventure sport.

The GPS can be used in airplane mode or in places without coverage. Depending on different parameters, it can take a time to start to provide coordinates.

An important feature is that it can work without network coverage, which is the situation that often occurs in places where a compass and a GPS are required (the countryside, the mountains, the sea, etc).

The compass graphics can be shown in a pseudo 3D mode.

You can modify the texts of the cardinal points to show them in English or in other languages. It is only going to show the first letter.

The accuracy depends on your device. Normally it is better when device is used horizontally. If the accuracy of the magnetic sensor is not good enought, you can improve it by moving your phone a few times, drawing a figure of 8 in the air.

Magnets and metal parts can affect the performance. Do not use it near them.

Enjoy it!

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