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Jan 25, 2024

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ICONIT QRcode Reader APP

ICONIT (άɪkɑnít or άɪkɔnít) is a fast, precise and multifunctional QRcode / Barcode reader for free. Anytime and anywhere at home, in shopping, or walking on a street, by just holding your device over a label, you can jump to the link, browse pages, locate a shop, collect product details, post your comments and do a lot!

【Key features】
・Intimate and easy use: open the app, hold your device on a label, then read it.
・Wide support of symbols - QR, GTIN/JAN/EAN, NW-7, CODE39, GS1 Limited Databar.
・Scan QR code/barcode from camera, stored image and clipboard
・Useful scanning history manager and CSV export
・Create your own QR code from contacts or free text

【How to use】
・To scan a printed label: just open the app or tap "Scan". Just hold over a QR code/barcode.
・To scan a stored image: on "Scan" screen, tap "Photos" on the upper-right corner and choose from album or clipboard.
・To search a product from GTIN-13: scan and choose Google or Amazon.
・To add to history: just scan. The scanning record will automatically be added to the history.
・To revisit history: tap "History" and choose a record.
・To delete history: tap "Edit" on the upper-right corner, choose a record and "Delete" on the upper-left corner (otherwise, you can delete all history by not choosing a record before "Delete").
・To generate a QR code: tap "Home" and choose "QR Generator". You can choose "Phone Book" to use a contact information or "Enter Text" to input free text.

“Google” is a trademark or registered trademark of Google LLC.
“Amazon” is a trademark or registered trademark of Amazon.com, Inc.
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