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Oct 7, 2016

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Info Eye APP

[Important Notices] After November 1, 2022, this application will no longer be able to be installed on devices that have never had this application installed.

Xperia(TM) Info-eye(TM) lets you explore the world around you. Simply snap a picture of a book, wine or landmark, and let Xperia Info-eye reveal more than what your eyes can see. Xperia Info-eye will present you with relevant information, like tips and recommendations of what to do in your vicinity, and then helps you share what discovered with your photo

- Recognizes landmarks including information from TripAdvisor
- Identify wines based on the bottle label, serving you the description, rating, and recommended food from Vivino
- Recognizes book covers and shows you its description, reviews, and recommendations of similar books
- Scan and recognize text in different languages, and with one tap copy it to the clipboard
- Scans business cards and helps you to add the contact to your address book
- Scan QR codes and barcodes, helping you explore the embedded and relevant information
- Scan company logos and learn more about them

* Note that some features are only available in specific regions/markets.
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