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May 24, 2024

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Welcome to the izzi go app, the exclusive application for customers subscribed to the NEW izzi tv (launched in July 2016). With this app you can use your Smartphone or Tablet and turn it into a remote control; besides that with it you take your television everywhere, since you can use your devices to enjoy the thousands of series, movies, documentaries and programs of the NEW izzi tv at any time and in any place

With izzi go app, your izzi tv reaches a greater dimension in entertainment, since it has the following functions:


• Control your izzi tv decoder

• Watch what's on TV. Browse the programming guide from your device, without interrupting or affecting what you are watching on TV

• Tunes TV channels

• Play, pause, fast forward and rewind On Demand shows

• Remote programming of your video recorder (PVR) when you have contracted HAZLO RECORD or RECORD extensions

SMARTPHONE or TABLET MODE – Watch TV on your device

• Turn your Smartphone or Tablet into a personal television screen anywhere within the Mexican territory.

• You will be able to see the available movies and TV shows. We add new programming all the time

• Transmission of TV channels, with sports, programs and live events.

What do you need?:

• Be registered in izzi with a username and password

• Have contracted the NEW izzi tv and be up to date with your payments

• WiFi or Internet connection. For good video quality at least 3Mbps download speed is recommended
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