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Aug 23, 2022

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Throw away the keys!

A new, smarter and trackable way to manage access within your home or business, has arrived – no keys!

LockSmart Central is an integrated access solution. From the garage door, gate and front door, to your luggage and holiday home, all can be managed easily together in the same application.

Simply download the LockSmart app and pair it with your LockSmart hardware. Your mobile device is now your everything ‘key’.

Why you will love it?


Manage one or many properties from anywhere in the world, day or night. Share and remove virtual ‘keys’ instantly and remotely.


No more keys to cut, to carry, nor to deliver or retrieve from shared users. Unlock with Bluetooth using your mobile phone or iWatch, via Wi-Fi or code. Hands full? Set to auto unlock, and your Abode door unlocks upon approach. Manage multiple properties and smart Bluetooth products centrally within the one app or web portal.


Enjoy real-time tracking. Know the who, when and where of access to any property at any time, from anywhere³. No physical keys to end up in the wrong hands, an anti-break-in Abode door function and random code security for complete confidence.

What hardware is compatible with the LockSmart app?

LockSmart Abode Bluetooth door lock

Through your mobile device², open and manage your LockSmart Abode Bluetooth door lock without a single key. Juggling groceries or work files? Set to auto unlock, and you needn’t get your mobile device out of your bag or pocket – your door unlocks upon approach! Share virtual ‘keys’ instantly, and track use. Remove any shared user with the swipe of a button. The LockSmart Abode bestows keyless security – no keys to lose nor mistakenly end up in the wrong hands, yet the highest available Bluetooth security standard and random code security for your protection.

LockSmart Garage

No more garage remote! Your mobile device² is the ‘remote’. Share and track access with others remotely, and remove access with the press of a button.

LockSmart Wi-Fi Bridge

Remotely lock and unlock multiple LockSmart smart locks from your mobile device with the LockSmart Wi-Fi Bridge. For the home, instantly let friends, family, the cleaner, the dog sitter or a tradesperson in – you needn’t be home! For the office, let an employee, consultant, tradesperson, or cleaner in from anywhere, at any time3. Powered by USB, this smart Wi-Fi Bridge can be used globally and is compatible with the LockSmart Abode and the LockSmart Garage.

LockSmart original padlock and LockSmart Mini

Through your mobile device², open, manage and share virtual ‘keys’ of the LockSmart original padlock or LockSmart Mini without a single key. Track use and remove any shared user instantly with the swipe of a button.
The weatherproof LockSmart and LockSmart Mini padlocks provide two variable weight options. Both can be used indoors or outdoors, and include a long-lasting, fast and re-chargeable lithium-ion battery with prompts for recharging. Suitable for sheds, lockers, gates, bikes, cabinets and more!

LockSmart Travel

The TSA- accepted LockSmart Travel provides keyless and trackable travel security. Open, share virtual ‘keys’ and track – no more keys!² Track your luggage when in Bluetooth range, or try crowd sourcing it. Perfectly sized for your luggage, backpacks and travel bags. LockSmart Travel bestows more security, and sharing and tracking features like none before with the humble key or combination lock.

What to know more?

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