Simply and easily convert millimeters to inches, or inches to millimeters!

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Free download mm to Inch Converter 1.0.1 apk app latest version for android


Very simple app to help with the conversion of millimeters to inches or inches to millimeters. Simply select which conversion you would like, enter a number to convert, press "CONVERT" and BOOM!!! you got a result with up to 6 decimal points!!! "What are you nuts?" you say. Only sometimes.
"But where are all of the other conversions?"
This app is for those who need quick and easy way to convert inches to mm, or mm to inches.

-Very small (not bulky)
-Simple to use
-Smells terrific
-Will help you meet women, or men ( I don't judge)
-Endorsed by your favorite celebrity

Thanks for trying it out, leave me some feedback and I'll be sure to consider your thoughts and input.

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mm to Inch Converter 1.0.1

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