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Oct 24, 2022

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Portuguese English Translator APP

This application allows you to translate online and even offline your english words to portuguese words and portuguese sentences to english sentences.

Key features :

English to Portuguese Translation
Portuguese to English Translation
Revise your Portuguese or English
Import your english and Portuguese word lists
Speech to Text before translating
Text to Voice with 4 speeds of pronunciation
Save your translations to your favorite list

How to import your word lists?

You need you create 2 different text files with your laptop for example, and then you add on the first text file your english translations this way:


You will only add them one translation per line, you do the same for your second file with Portuguese translations, so you will add this way:


Once your 2 files are ready you can import them by using the menu, there are 2 buttons : Import english word list and import Portuguese wordlist

You can even choose a category before importing those new translations so that you can manage better, and then you can see your favorite translations that appear on the right category you have chosen.

It is able to translate a sentence (more accurate with the online mode) but you can also use it offline with ready made sentences translation or word for word translation, you can translate english in portuguese and portuguese in english.

How to use it?

First you type your words to translate and then you choose among 2 buttons if you want your text will be translated in portuguese, you tap portuguese and if you want in english you tap english.

You don't like to type and you prefer to speak? it is possible to convert your voice to text, if you want to try, press the microphone button and talk to your phone, and you will see the text written and ready to translate to your favorite language.

This application is convenient when travelling to a country where people speaks portuguese, it is also useful when you want to study a new language, are you ready to learn a new language? Start learning portuguese right now thanks to this portugues ingles tradutor and if you are already fluent in portuguese you can use it for improving your english as well.
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