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Have all the beautiful songs of the Brazilian canary bird of the land

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Cantos do Canário da Terra:

- Basto
- Reel
- Criollo Basto
- Snap
- Stallion Paulista
- Retention
- Retinido Argentino
- Pious Female
- Canary of the bush

Corners of the Belgian Canaries:

- Bell
- Original Bell
- Roller
- Letterhead
- Pious Female

Great corners to insert your Canary!

Scientific name
Its scientific name means: do (Greek) sikalis, sukallis or sukalis = small; and citrinus (citrin) citrus = lemon yellow, citrus yellow. ⇒ Small (bird) lemon yellow or Small (bird) yellow the color of citrus.

It measures between 11 and 12 centimeters in length and weighs between 10.7 and 12.9 grams.
The males present the top of the yellow-lemon head, olive back with striae; the breast is yellowish, but of a darker color than that of the belly, which is bright yellow. Tail dark brown, with the outer edge of the yellow feathers. The final two-thirds of the lateral tail feathers are white. The wings are dark brown, with the border of yellow feathers. Female similar to male, but darker and striated on both back and chest; the belly is yellowish and the bars in the tail are smaller than in the males. According to Helmut Sick, distinguishable by a white stain on the two external lugs (on each side, visible on the underside of the closed tail).
Likes to sing flying, so it rises obliquely and then descends emitting a melodious trill and finely lands on a stake in the pasture or on a log. His whistle is loud "iü"; "Tzi, tzi" and its song is very heterogeneous: "zle, zle, zle ...", "iü".

Belgian Canarian / Canary Kingdom
Size: 14 to 15 centimeters in length
Health Scale (1 to 5): 4
Temperament: docile and adaptable
Yellow color
Life expectancy: 40 years

Belonging to the fringilid family, the Belgian canary is a small bird. The head is small and narrow, the legs long, the chest rounded and full. The plumage is compact and smooth, without friezes. Its default color is yellow.

The Canary-Belgian, yellow in color, is the most common in Brazil, among other 400 existing types. The origin of this bird is described in the name: Belgium. But in fact their ancestors come from the Canary Islands (which gives meaning to the name of the bird). It can also be called "Canary of the Kingdom" for coming from Portugal.

As it is an animal of foreign origin does not need the permission of IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Resources.
This canary is known for its powerful voice. He loves to hum, but for that, he needs to be in a calm and quiet environment, otherwise he may suffer from stress. This bird loves the company of human beings and usually sings to receive them.

Can adapt to different environments; from large outdoor aviaries to indoor cages. It is very beautiful and attracts attention of search small, kind and beautiful birds. Participates in beauty and singing competitions.
Small narrow head
Thin and long legs
Plumage smooth and compact, without friezes
Round and full breast
Very long and wide tail
Small and straight beak
Short wings and abundant feathers
Eyes very small, dark and quite separated.

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