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Take control of your tasks and projects. Synchronize to the desktop application.

Version2.7 (52)
UpdatedJun 30, 2020 (1 week ago)
CategoryApps, Productivity

A program to organize todo's/tasks in a treeview form.

It's an Android version of Abstract Spoon's hierarchical ToDoList program:
http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/5371/ToDoList-Feature-Release-An-effective-and-f or http://www.abstractspoon.com (please make sure to use the latest version)

Use it to keep track of to do's or for project management. The outline can have as many sub-levels as you want, or the list can be viewed "flat".
The task list can be viewed in a Gannt chart in the desktop application.

Add, view and edit your list on your phone, then use the same list on your computer. If you put the file in your DropBox folder, it will automatically be synchronized.

Files are stored in user defined folders on the sd card (can use any level of sub-directory).
Integrates with File Managers, DropBox and Google Drive (see help for how to use).
Backup your file manually, or do it automatically every time there is a change.
List can be set as read-only.
Choose dark or light theme.
Move item around with drag and drop.
Task can be copied.
List can be sorted (both ways) based on due date (can also use calculated dates), title, category, completion or priority,risk, status, allocated to, or it can be unsorted.
Can be integrated with the Minimalistic Text Widget or Zooper Widget (if installed).
Completed items can be hidden from view.
List can be filtered based on title, priority, status, category, start or due today.
Notes are available from main list, and hyperlinks are clickable.
List can be searched based on title.
Collapse/expand all.
Home screen widget shows tasks due today.
Set alarms and be reminded when your task is due.
Tasks can be added to the Google calendar.
Text can be shared from other apps.

Currently supports editing of these fields:
-start date
-due date
-percent done
-allocated to
-notes (only simple text. Rich text comments are not visible on the phone, but is still saved in the file)

Future plans:
-Export as google task
-UI improvements

Because this is a beta version, every time your list is saved, the previous version will be saved too. (This feature can be turned off in the settings menu. Last 6 backups are kept)

NOTE: For people who have issues with the app, just writing a negative comment doesn't help to make it better. Instead please:
- concrete suggestions would be appreciated
- errors: send me an email with the steps that caused the error.
- Swedish letters or non-latin characters: try to save in utf-encoding, and if it still doesn't work, please send me a detailed email, so I can try and fix it.

Since the original desktop version of this program is constantly being developed, some of the features available on the desktop might not work on the Android version.

I encourage comments or bug reports, either by email or even better at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=23543469#post23543469.

Any list files stored on the sd card will be left after un-installation.

This is still being developed as a hobby, and is not a final version. It is being developed as I see fit, have time and am interested in doing it. THERE IS NO WARRANTY THAT THIS PROGRAM WILL WORK on your Android phone or tablet. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE IT MAY CAUSE.

Email: ajiget@gmail.com

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