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Cập nhật08 th 03, 2021
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Ứng dụng Volt Amp Watt Calculator

An app that calculates values between volts, amps, watts, & ohms.

An app that calculates volts, amps (current), watts (power), & ohms (resistance) by entering only 2 values. Also known as Ohm's Law.
Phone & Tablet friendly layout.

1. Each unit has multiple factors for ease of calculations. The prefixes are micro-, milli-, kilo- & mega-.
2. Decimals after 0 go upto 12 digits.
3. The RESET button has single & double click function. Single will clear out values entered. Double-click on RESET will reset the unit.
4. High contrast color scheme. Black background may be easy on the eyes especially for prolonged usage. May help save battery life in many devices, especially with OLED displays.

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