Monitor energy usage and internal state of your Chevy Volt/Bolt


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Jan 12, 2020
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MyGreenVolt App

This has been specifically designed for Volt/Ampera vehicle owners and displays hidden information not brought up to the car dashboard.

Before downloading this App, please understand that additional hardware is required. A Bluetooth or WiFi OBD2 adapter (ELM327) should be plugged into the diagnostic socket of the car (driver side).

Presented in an easy to read layout, your device will show you:

- Instant power drawn from the the main traction battery
- indication showing when the friction brakes are applied
- Graph of instant power of each of the electric motors
- Clear bar chart showing temperature of battery, transmission, AC/DC converter and gas engine coolant
- Energy utilization breakdown for main traction, HVAC, Battery heater and other components
- Daily statistics as energy usage, electric and gas miles
- Actual and raw state of charge of the battery
- Min, max and average cell voltage
- Individual cell voltage (In-App purchase)
- Trip efficiency overlaid on maps
- And a lot more data from various sensors
- Bolt support on going

Both metric and Imperial units are supported

iOS version also available (MyGreenVoltConnect)

This application makes use of HighCharts libraries (
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