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May 17, 2022
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Ola City is a Performance Marketing Platform for both corporate and individual clients. Furthermore, Ola City also creates a multi-application ecosystem platform to optimally serve the community such as: social networks, games, e-commerce, e-wallets, ...

Ola City applies leading technologies such as AI, Big Data and Blockchain in building, developing and coordinating system operations, helping to save costs and optimize advertising performance for businesses to create best business performance.

With Ola City, businesses can easily promote products and services to millions of customers. At the same time, Ola City is also a platform that helps millions of participating members make money online by performing simple tasks: downloading apps, watching ads, playing games, doing surveys, recommending products , services,... Besides, Ola City provides you with a smart online shopping solution with a refund policy when shopping online plus thousands of incentives.

Ola City's major partners include: Accesstrade, Masoffer, Cityads. In addition, Ola City also cooperates with many other agency partners, businesses and individuals.

Currently, users can make money with Ola City in the following ways:
Register for a free account: easily create a completely free account in less than 30 seconds with extremely simple operations.
Implement simple campaigns: make money every day from simple, easy-to-understand campaigns that anyone can do such as: downloading apps, watching ads, playing games, doing surveys,...

How to receive rewards: Users receive rewards from successful campaigns and withdraw money to their accounts quickly with a balance of only $5 with a variety of payment methods.

Ola City has achieved remarkable success when witnessing tremendous growth with 1.7 million users in 2021. Entering 2022, Ola City aims to attract 20 million users and wants to create value. larger, bringing more benefits to partners, users and investors at its platform.

Outstanding features:
- Sign up for free
- Earn unlimited money
- Diverse shopping cashback campaigns
- Convenient in withdrawing money to wallets
- 20% referral bonus
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