X8 Sandbox APK

X8 Sandbox

Android VM Play in PIP-mode

X8 Sandbox lets you run a virtual machine on your Android device. In that sense, it’s similar to other applications like VMOS

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5 thg 1, 2023
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App APKs

X8 Sandbox APP

self-Root Xposed FW GameGuardian

Advance mode, easy to control your root privilege. Only one button enable Xposed Framework. Lot of game plugins to use

Easy Slim Stable VM

No special permissions are required. Farewell to the lag. Minimal settin

  • Picture in picture
  • Dual account
  • No just only game
  • Xposed framework
  • GameGuardian
  • Lot of plugins
  • No privilege
  • No risk
  • No Root
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