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UpdatedNov 21, 2020 (3 days ago)
DeveloperDeepak Kulkarni
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The BEST everyday use all in one lightweight calculator with powerful features & easy interface. Perfect calculator & converter designed with simplicity in mind. Support Dark mode & other stylish themes.

Get instant solution to your everyday problems with following calculators
- Standard & Scientific calculator
- GST/Sales Tax/VAT calculator
- Loan calculator: EMI, Compare Loan, Loan Affordability, Amortization
- Interest calculator: FD, RD, ROI, SIP, Doubling Time
- Percentage calculator, Markup & Margin, Basis Point
- Unit Price calculator : Find cheapest price
- Health Calculator: BMI, BMR, Body Fat % & Daily Calories burn
- Date & Time Calculator: Age, Date Duration, Time Duration, Add/subtract Duration, Time Card, Working Days Between Dates, Add/Subtract Working Days
- Discount calculator
- Tip calculator
- Equation solver: Linear & Quadratic

Unit converter
Currency converter

Key Features

Standard & Scientific Calculator
- Facilitates instant & accurate calculations from simple to complex
- Store value for later using memory keys
- Track your calculations with History. Write a short note for important calculation
- Undo result
- Number to Word

Unit Converter
- Simple, smart & elegant tool with more than 200 unit converters that are used in everyday life
- Supported conversion categories:- Length & Distance, Weight, Area, Number Base, Digital Storage, Data Transfer, Time, Speed, Volume, Cooking, Temperature, Force, Power, Fuel, Energy, Angle, Density, Torque.

Currency converter
- Foreign exchange rates of 70 countries currency
- Available offline

GST /Sales Tax/VAT Calculator
-Include(+) or Exclude(-) GST from given amount with single click.
- 5 Pre-provided tax rates can be customized as per your country rates.

Interest Calculator
-Calculate interest & maturity amount on your saving through Simple Interest, Compound Interest, RD, SIP & Doubling Time.
-Check your investment opportunities through ROI(Return on Investment)

Percentage Calculator
-Simple percentage, % increase/decrease, % change, what %, fraction to %
-Calculate Markup percentage, Margin percentage & total profit based on cost & selling price

Health Calculator
- BMI, BMR, Body Fat %, Daily Water Intake based on your age, gender, height & weight. Calculate daily calorie requirement as per selected activity level.
- Track your weight to improve your BMI and overall health.

Equation Solver
- Linear equations with one,two & three variables
- Quadratic equation

Date Calculator
-Age calculator, age summary & Birthday tracking
-Date Duration in years, months, days, & Time Duration in hours, minutes & seconds
-Add/Subtract duration to date & calculate final date & time.

Loan Calculator
-Calculate your EMI, total interest & final amount with amortization chart in a easiest way.
-Compare two loans to know which one is better for you.
-Calculate how much loan you can afford based on your max monthly EMI.

Discount Calculator
-Calculate or confirm discounts quickly on original price.
-Find out how much you save for an item.

Tip Calculator
Calculate the tip percentage or tip amount & split the bill among number of persons on table.
-Save time when you use the bill splitter, and tip exactly what you mean to, no more, no less.

Unit Price Calculator
-Compare prices of two or more products having different quantities of same unit & buy cheapest price item.

- Number to word on click of every result field

- Calculator is fully customized where user can set no of decimal places, date format, vibrate or sound on keypress & Choose from attractive & user friendly themes.

- More features will be added. Stay in touch!

What's New

Fuel cost calculator added. Calculate total fuel cost and amount of fuel needed for your trip.

Email: deepak.kulkarni02@gmail.com

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