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Aircraft Engine Performance at Design Point

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UpdatedJun 24, 2020 (4 months ago)
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Aircraft Engine Performance at Design Point
- Subsonic/Supersonic 1-Spool Turbojet
- Subsonic 2-Spool Turbofan
- Subsonic 2-Spool Boosted Turbofan
- Subsonic 3-Spool Turbofan

- Analysis of the Thermodynamic Cycle
- Nozzle Area and Performance (Thrust, Power etc.) calculation
- Mass Flows (Core, Bypass, Fuel)
- Automatic calculation of ambient conditions based on the flight altitude using the International Standard Atmosphere model
- Automatic calculation of Cp, gama, R for each component based on temperature and Fuel to Air Ratio
- Automatic calculation of isentropic efficiency for each compressor and turbine based on polytropic efficiency and pressure ratio

Compressor Map Operating Point Prediction using
- Scaling Techniques on an existing HPC map
- Artificial Neural Networks to interpolate the existing map's data

Aircraft Emissions
- Emissions calculation for aircraft engines in LTO cycle and Cruise
- Type of turbofan engines used: 1. Subsonic 2-Spool, 2. Subsonic 3-Spool

Hybrid Precooled Rocket Engine at Design Point
- Analysis of the combined Thermodynamic Cycles with Air, Hydrogen & Helium as working fluids.

What's New

The code of the Hybrid Rocket Engine has been updated in order to calculate the conditions and performance in the ByPass.

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