Manage your TIM Modem and control the landline at home


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Aug 3, 2023

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Manage your TIM Modem, from home and remotely, check your fixed line and open reports to TIM technical assistance.

To access the TIM Modem app, use your MyTIM credentials. Furthermore, with the fingerprint you can make access with username and password more secure.

Here's what you can do with the TIM Modem app.

In the "Modem" tab (with full functionality after login)
1. View, manage, update and restart your TIM modem
2. Check the status of your Internet line; perform the line speed test, the internet services reachability test and the new navigation test
3. Check and change the Wi-Fi configuration of the modem, turn on, turn off and optimize the Wi-Fi networks, manage and share the Guest Wi-Fi network, check the traffic and Wi-Fi quality of connected devices, check coverage and Wi-Fi speed, backup/restore Wi-Fi (useful if you replace the TIM modem), view and share the Wi-Fi QR Code of your network
4. View the connected TIM Wi-Fi repeaters and check the signal level towards the modem to position them in a suitable place
5. WiFi Plus service: check the functioning of your WiFi network and receive notifications with suggestions and optimizations performed automatically
6. Control and administer the devices connected to the modem. When you are connected to the modem in Wi-Fi, the Wake on LAN command allows you to activate the devices connected in Ethernet that support it. Draw the plan of your home and view the devices by room after assigning each one the correct location
7. Check the status of the USB sharing services on your TIM modem (only when connected via Wi-Fi) and browse the contents of the connected USB disks (if supported by the modem)
8. Check the status of the voice service (on FTTCab/FTTH fiber lines)
9. Perform the periodic check-up of your home network

In the "Assistance" tab
1. Diagnose the home line (FTTCab/FTTH Fibre, ADSL or telephone), report a problem to the technicians or solve the most common problems online on the Internet, Mail and Telephone
2. Diagnose active TV services (TIMvision), solve online or report a problem to the technicians
3. Be notified of any disservices on the TIM fixed network in your area, and request the sending of SMS to resolve the fault
4. Manage your Reports and monitor their processing status
5. Ask Angie: TIM's digital assistant helps you solve technical problems on your line

In the "Other" tab
1. Check out technical help guides and videos
2. Quickly access other TIM services (MyTIM app, TIM Personal app, EZVIZ app for TIM Cam, Community We TIM, TIM Party, TIM Mail)
3. Search for TIM stores
4. Simplify the Wi-Fi configuration of your device by scanning the QR Code of the TIM modem

To use the app, you need a TIM landline and an Android smartphone/tablet, with any mobile operator (TIM or other operators). Privacy Policy and License Terms can be accessed in the Settings menu.

To help us improve the application, write to:
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